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Taking Direction by WeasleyMom

Summary: What if the characters in the Harry Potter films were portrayed—not by actors—but by the book versions of themselves, as created by Rowling? How might things unfold on that set? What would the characters think of the changes made from the stories they’d already lived out… to the ones written for the script?

This fic is a series of one-shots, posted as chapters, each from the perspective of a different character who is dealing with the changes occurring between the book and the script.


Holy Movie Canon, Batman! This fic won the 2011 Quicksilver Quill Award for Best Chaptered Humor Story. Thanks so, so much!


Ratings: 3rd-5th Years [ - ]
Category: Humor Fics
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Canon Compliance: None
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Chapters: 4 Completed?: No
Wordcount: 5896 Viewcount: 26607
Published on: 08/23/10 Updated On: 02/06/13

1. Jazz Hands by WeasleyMom [ - ] (842 words)
This first chapter evolved from a drabble challenge in The Three Broomsticks (beta forums). The prompt? Write Remus’ thoughts/feelings (in the film) during those moments after Harry escaped his arms at the Ministry in The Order of the Phoenix. Thanks to Gina and Terri for guidance and good advice.
2. Babe Magnet by WeasleyMom [ - ] (1162 words)
The book characters observe the shooting of a scene from Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.
3. Saving It for Seven by WeasleyMom [ - ] (2197 words)
Trouble erupts after the trio finish shooting a scene in the Great Hall for The Half-Blood Prince. Thanks to Gina/Gmarian for her mad beta skills and brilliant ideas.
4. Fired Up by WeasleyMom [ - ] (1695 words)
Molly reacts to a change in the script for Half-Blood Prince. Thanks to Gina/Gmariam for her ongoing support and beta help with this fic.